PIP-II Injector Experiment - PXIE

PXIE is the integrated systems test for the PIP-II frontend. It is expected to accelerate a 2-mA CW beam up to 30 MeV. The White Paper for its proposal can be found here. The block-diagram of the machine is presented below.  The major goal of the project is a validation of the PIP-II concept and elimination of technical risks. It is expected to be constructed in the period of 2014-2019.


Mission Goals:

Validate critical technologies required to support the PIP-II Reference Design concept.

         Provide a platform for demonstrating operations of PIP-II front end components at full design parameters

         Integrated systems test goals:

o   1 mA average current with 80% bunch-by-bunch chopping of beam delivered from the RFQ

o   Efficient acceleration with minimal emittance dilution through at least 15 MeV

PXIE subsystems:                                                                                                                                         PXIE documents:

         Ion source and LEBT                                                                                  White paper
(Note that some pictures do not show when using Firefox)


         MEBT Org. chart

         SC cryomodules and cryogenics   Design Handbook

         Diagnostics beam line and beam dump    PXIE layout (June 14/2017 version: #1, #2)

         Optics and beam physics Preliminary Shielding Assessment                  

PXIE laiout 


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