PIP II Technical meetings

List of previous Project X technical meetings


 Dec. 17/2013

1.  Status of work for the HWR cryomodule, P. Ostroumov.(.pdf) Project X doc 1236

2.  Status of work for the SSR1 cryomodule, T. Nicol (.pdf)


 Jan. 7/2014

1.  Summary of PXIE RFQ progress in LBNL, J. Steimel (.pdf) Project X doc 1241

2.  Update on the PXIE ion source commissioning, B. Hanna  (.pdf) Project X doc 1240

 Jan. 14/2014

1.  PXIE CAD Model: Status, responsibilities, plan forward; C. Baffes (.pdf) Project X doc 1243

2.  Update on the coupler test stand; S. Kazakov (.pdf) Project X doc 1244

Jan. 21/2014

1.  Peculiarities of the emittance growth in LEBT, A. Shemyakin, L. Prost (.pdf) Project X doc 1250

2.  MEBT status update, A. Shemyakin, (.pdf) Project X doc 1251

3.  First discussion on  the HWR Interface Document

Jan. 28/2014

1.  PXIE and CMTF infrastructure Update; J. Leibfritz, (.pdf), Project X doc 1253

Feb. 4/2014

1.   Update on Booster injection from PIP-II linac, D. Johnson (.pdf) Project X doc 1257

2.   Short update on the ion source,  R. Andrews, (.pdf) Project X doc 1258

Feb. 11/2014

1.  PIP-II and PXIE, V. Lebedev, (.pdf) Project X doc 1260

Feb. 18/2014

1.  Booster High Power RF at PIP-II era, J. Reid,  (.pdf) Project X doc 1262

2.  Short update on the ion source and LEBT, L. Prost

Mar. 4/2014

1.  Factors affecting the cave configuration for RFQ  commissioning, Jim Steimel  (.pdf) Project X doc 1268

2.  Estimations of X-ray radiation from RFQ, Tony Leveling  (.pdf) Project X doc 1267

3.  Possible cave configuration for RFQ commissioning, Jerry Leibfritz (.pdf)

Mar. 18/2014

1.  Beam current measurement system for LEBT and early MEBT , V. Scarpine,  (.pdf) Project X doc 1271

2.  Mechanical design of 200 Ohm kicker, A. Chen,  (.pdf) Project X doc 1270

Mar. 25/2014

1.  Team center, Don Mitchell, (.pdf) Project X doc 1273

Apr. 1/2014

1.  Piezo tuners, D. Passarelli,  (.pdf) Project X doc 1275

2.  Preparation for the PIP-II RDR, Valeri Lebedev,  (.pdf) Project X doc 1274         

Apr. 8/2014

1. Status of LEBT, Lionel Prost (.pdf) Project X doc 1278

2. Status of mechanical design of LEBT, Rich Andrews (.pdf) Project X doc 1279

3.  Beam size and emittance measurements in LEBT, Sasha Shemyakin (.pdf) Project X doc 1277

Apr. 15/2014

1.  LFD, microphonics and their suppression for PIP-II cryomodules, W. Schappert (.pdf) Project X doc 1282   


1. PXIE RFQ Status , J. Steimel  (.pdf) Project X doc 1283

2. RFQ bead-pull measurements, T. Khabiboulline  (.pdf) Project X-doc-1284       

Apr. 29/2014

1.  SSR2 beta 0.47 and 0.51 comparison, P. Berrutti (.pdf) Project X-doc-1285

May 6/2014

1.  Project X-doc-1285 , G. Romanov (.pdf) Project X-doc-1288

2.  CMTF Cryogenics, A. Klebaner, (.pdf) Project X-doc-1289

May 13/2014 (in Dungeon)

1.  Update on the LEBT, Lionel Prost (.pdf) Project X-doc-1292

2.  Highlights of the trip to SNS on May 5-6,
     Shemyakin (.pdf) and Steimel (.pdf) Project X-docs-1290 & 1291

May 20/2014 (in Dungeon)

1.  Update on the RF coupler for SSR1 cryomodule, S Kazakov (.pdf)  

2.  Status of the SSR1 prototype focusing lens fabrication and testing, Iouri. Terechkine (.pdf)           

June 3/2014

1. PIP-II collaboration meeting: https://indico.fnal.gov/conferenceDisplay.py?confId=8365

June 10/2014

1.  Progress in “High Q” Program , A. Romanenko, (.pdf), Project X-doc-1297

2.  FY'16 Goals, P. Derwent, (.pdf), Project X-doc-1296 (see additional .xlsx file
     in http://projectx-docdb.fnal.gov:8080/cgi-bin/ShowDocument?docid=1296 )

June 24/2014

1.   Tasks for the PIP-II RDR, V. Lebedev (.pdf) Project X-doc-1298

July 1/2014

1. PXIE Ion Source & LEBT Controls Status, M. Kucera, (.pdf)Project X-doc-1300

2. SSR2 and 650 MHz Cavity and Cryomodule Status PIP-II Meeting , T. Nicol (.pdf) Project X-doc-1299

July 8/2014

1.  LCLS-II Cryomodules Production & PIP-II Prototype Cryomodules, T. Arkan (.pdf)

July 22/2014

1.  Budget Retreat: https://indico.fnal.gov/conferenceDisplay.py?confId=8744    

July 29/2014

1.  PIP-II cavity processing plans in the presence of LCLS-II, A. Rowe (.pdf)

2.  Update on LEBT status, L. Prost (.pdf)

August 5/2014 (in Dungeon)

1.  LEBT emittance measurements, R. D'Arcy (.pdf)

August 12/2014

1. Electrical engineering design and documentation at PIP-II and PXIE, D. Mitchell and J. Steimel (.pdf)

August 26/2014

1.  Results of 325 MHz coupler test, S. Kazakov (.pdf)

2. SSR1 cavity test at 2K in STC, S. Sukhanov and A. Hocker (.pdf)

September 16/2014  (in Dungeon)

1. The cavity EM and mechanical design – issues, new ideas and status, T. Khabiboulline; (.pdf.)

2. BARC's prototypes for MEBT magnet, Mike Tartaglia (.pdf)

September 23/2014

1. Current leads, T. Nicol (.pdf)

2. MEBT absorber Prototype II testing, Curt Baffes (.pdf)

September 30/2014

1. Update on the LEBT, L. Prost (.pdf) Project X-doc-1325

2. First results of frequency stabilization of SSR1 cavity: LFD and microphonics, W. Schappert 

October 7/2014

1. Controls for PXIE and PIP-II , J. Patrick (docdb)

2. Synoptic Displays for PXIE , J. Steimel (.pdf)

October 14/2014

1.  Booster injection in PIP-II era, D. Johnson (.pdf)

October 21/2014

1. Transfer line from the SC linac to Booster, A. Vivoli (.pdf)

2. Painting in the course of the PIP-II injection, V. Lebedev (.pdf)

October 28/2014

1. Status and new ideas for the 650 MHz coupler: windows, coupler plating; S. Kazakov, (.pdf)

2. Change in configuration  of LB650 cryomodule, T. Nicol (.pdf)

November 11/2014

1.  Update on the LEBT, L. Prost (.pdf)

November 18/2014

1. Status of PXIE high power RF, R. Pasquinelli (.pdf) Project X-doc-1341

December 2/2014

1. Painting in the course of PIP-II Booster injection,  V. Lebedev (.pdf) Project X-doc-1343

2. The beam dump for Booster injection, I. Rakhno. (.pdf) Project X-doc-1346

December 9/2014


December 16/2014

1. Water cooling in PXIE and PIP-II, M. Ball & J. Leibfritz, (.pdf)


 Jan. 6/2015

1.  Update on the LEBT, L. Prost (.pdf) Project X-doc-1348

 Jan. 13/2015

1.   RFQ production and installation plans, J. Steimel (.pdf) Project X-doc-1349

 Jan. 20/2015

1.  MEBT status, A. Shemyakin (.pdf) Project X-doc-1350

 Jan. 27/2015

1.  Update on the HWR cryomodule, Z. Conway (.pdf) (.ppt),

 Feb. 3/2015

1.  Update on the SSR1 cryomodule, L. Ristori (.pdf), Project X Document 1351

2.  HTS Vibration Analysis - Sources & Mitigation, J. Holzbauer (.pdf)

 Feb. 10/2015

1. Booster longitudinal impedance, V. Lebedev (.pdf), Project X Document 1352

 Feb. 17/2015

1.  PXIE electrical engineering, J. Steimel (.pdf), Project X Document 1353

 Feb. 24/2015

1. PXIE CAD and Mechanical Systems Update, C. Baffes (.pdf), Project X Document 1354

2. Update on the PIP-II RDR, V. Lebedev (.doc)

March 9 - 11

   2015 PIP-II Machine Advisory Committee Meeting

Mar. 24/2015

1.  Update on the LEBT, L. Prost (.pdf) Project X Document 1358

Mar. 31/2015

1. Status of PXIE LLRF system, B. Chaise (.pdf) Project X Document 1359

2. PXIE RFQ control status, D. Bowring  (.pdf) Project X Document 1360

April 7/2015

1.  Status of PXIE instrumentation, V. Scarpine (.pdf) Project X Document 1362

2. PXIE control system status, J. Patric (.pdf) Project X Document 1361

April 14/2015

1.  PXIE LEBT RGA study, A. Chen (.pdf)  Project X Document 1364

2. A view of the project status, P. Derwent (.pdf) Project X Document 1363

April 21/2015

1.  Neutralization at PXIE LEBT, C. Weisner (.pdf) Project X Document 1372

2. Status of mechanical design for LB650 and HB650, T. Khabiboulline (.pdf) Project X Document 1368

April 28/2015

1. Summary slides of PIP-II related reports at IPAC-15, V. Lebedev, A. Shemyakin (.pdf)  Project X Document 1371

May 12/2015

1. MEBT Vacuum Protection of SRF for PXIE and PIP-II, C. Baffes (.pdf) Project X Document 1373

May 19/2015

1. Fermilab PIP-II R&D Plan CY2015-CY2018 , D. Mitchel & S. Mishra, Project X Document 1374

May 26/2015

1. PXIE Operating Modes and Timing Events , J. Steimel (.pdf)  Project X Document 1375

2. Warm magnets for PIP-II 650 MHz section, V. Teotia (updated .pdf) (original .pdf)

June 9/2015

1. Bunch-by-bunch 50 W kicker, D. Sun (30 min) (.pdf) Project X Document 1379

2. Bunch-by-bunch 200 W kicker, G. Saewert (30 min) (.pdf) Project X Document 1380

June 16/2015

   PIP-II CD-0 review (Reference)

June 23/2015

1. PIP-II Cryogenics, A. Klebaner (.pdf) PIP-II Document 3

2. LEBT update, L. Prost (.pdf) PIP-II Document 4

June 30/2015

    PIP-II FY16 Budget retreat

July 7/2015 (Dungeon)

1.  RFQ Manufacturing status, J. Steimel (.pdf) PIP-II Document 6

2.  RFQ field flatness and frequency tuning, P. Berrutti (.pdf) PIP-II Document 7

July 14/2015

1. RFQ installation plan, C. Baffes (.pdf) PIP-II Document 5

2. RFQ and MEBT high power RF, R Pasquinelli (.pdf) PIP-II Document  8

July 21/2015

1. RFQ conditioning plan, J. Steimel  (.pdf) PIP-II Document  9

2. IIFC on PIP-II, S. Mishra (.pdf) (original is in indico

July 28/2015

1. PIP-II RFQ coupler, S. Kazakov  (.pdf) PIP-II Document  10

2. Microphonics suppression for SSR-I cavity, W. Schappert (.pdf) PIP-II Document  15

August 4/2015

1. PXIE RFQ Resonance Controller, Jonathan Edelen and Auralee Edelen (.pdf) PIP-II Document  12

2. PXIE LEBT Commissioning Update , L. Prost (.pdf) PIP-II Document  13

August 11/2015

1. PXIE LLRF, Ed Cullerton (.pdf) PIP-II Document  14

2. Short RFQ update, J. Steimel (Short resume: Everything on schedule. RFQ arrives at the end of this months)

August 18/2015

1. The bunching cavity tests, J. Steimel (.pdf) PIP-II Document  18

2. Hardware for SRF cavities active resonance control R&D tasks, J. Holzbauer (.pdf) PIP-II Document  19

September 1 /2015

1. Update on PXIE instrumentation, V. Scarpine (.pdf) PIP-II Document  21

2. Analysis of LEBT measurements, J.-P. Carneiro (.pdf) PIP-II Document  20

September 8 /2015

1. Proposal for PXIE-10 MeV stage, A. Shemyakin (.pdf) PIP-II Document  22

2. Possible PXIE-10 optics and measurements, A. Saini (.pdf) PIP-II Document  23

September 15,/2015

1. Transition crossing in Booster, V. Lebedev (.pdf) PIP-II Document  25

September 22 /2015

1. Conventional Facilities Status, S. Dixon (.pdf) PIP-II Document 26

2. PIP-II Process Fluid Systems Discussion - Temperature/Flow Requirements, M. Ball (.pdf)

September 29 /2015 (Chair A. Shemyakin)

1. State of the project , P. Derwent (.pdf) PIP-II Document 29

2. Update on RFQ status, J. Steimel (.pdf) PIP-II Document 28

October 13 /2015 (Chair A. Shemyakin)

1. Review of SRF Cavities Resonance Control Meeting (Fermilab, Oct. 8-9/2015), J. Holzbauer (.pdf) PIP-II Document 28
    Presentation by L. Doolittle (.pdf)

October 27 /2015  (Chair A. Shemyakin)

1. Update on RFQ status, J. Steimel (.pdf) PIP-II Document 37

2. LEBT start-up plan, L. Prost  (.pdf) PIP-II Document 36

3. Plan for MEBT measurements in FY16, A. Shemyakin (.pdf) PIP-II Document 35

November 3 /2015

1. Optical design of the PXIE MEBT scraping system, A. Saini  (.pdf) PIP-II Document 39

2. Simulation of MEBT kickers, M. Hassan  (.pdf) PIP-II Document 38

November 9-10, /2015

  PIP-II collaboration meeting


November 24/2015

1. PIP-II CD0 and future steps, S. Holmes, 10 min

2. PXIE organization, P. Derwent, 10 min (.pdf) PIP-II Document 43

3. Changes to PXIE FRS, A. Shemyakin, 15 min  (.pdf) PIP-II Document 41

4. Progress with RFQ installation, J. Steimel, 15 min  (.pdf) PIP-II Document 44

December 15/2015

1. RFQ update, J. Steimel (5 min).

2. SSR1 interface document, D. Mitchell (.pdf) PIP-II Document 47

2. PIP-II cavities RF design plan , T. Khabiboulline (.pdf) PIP-II Document 48


January 12/2016

1. BPMs for high energy part of SC linac, N. Patel (.pdf) PIP-II Document 73
    See also contributions from A. Lunin: 3/12/13 (.pdf) and 2/22/16(.pdf)

2. Initial Characterization of the RFQ and Water System, J. Edelen (.pdf) PIP-II Document 53

3. CDR write-up, V. Lebedev (.pdf) PIP-II Document 52

January 19/2016

1. SSR2 Focusing lens for PIP-II, K. Singh (.pdf) (.ppt) PIP-II Document 55

January 26/2016

1. SSR1 interface document, D. Mitchell/C. Baffes (.pdf) PIP-II Document 56

2. Multipacting with space charge effect in PIP-II 650 MHz cavities, (.pdf) G. Romanov, PIP-II Document 57

February 2/2016

1. FRS for PIP-II MPS, (.pdf) A. Shemyakin, PIP-II Document 58

2. Requirements to PIP-II alignment, (,pdf) V. Lebedev, PIP-II Document 59

February 9/2016

1. Update on the LEBT, L. Prost (.pdf) PIP-II Document 61

2. Update on the RFQ, J Steimel  (.pdf) PIP-II Document 62

3. Update on PXIE instrumentation, V. Scarpine  (.pdf) PIP-II Document 63

February 16/2016

1. PIP II SRF linac: challenges, issues and status , V. Yakovlev  (.pdf) PIP-II Document 65

February 23/2016

1. Differential trajectories measurements at MEBT with a pencil beam, A. Saini (.pdf) PIP-II Document 68

2. Beam transverse steering due to SSR1 manufacturing errors, P. Berrutti  (.pdf) PIP-II Document 67

March 1/2016

1. RFQ commissioning status, J. Steimel (see presentation in PIP-II MAC listed below)

2. Requirements to power supplies for PXIE SC solenoids and dipole correctors, V. Lebedev  (.pdf - updated at Apr. 19, 2016) PIP-II Document 64

March 15/2016


March 22/2016

1.  PIP-II MAC, S. Holmes (.pdf)

2.  Focusing solenoids for HINS linac front end and PXIE test stand: alignment studies, Iouri. Terechkine (.pdf) PIP-II Document 76

March 29/2016

1. Update on PXIE, A. Shemyakin (.pdf) PIP-II Document 77

2. Update on progress with 200 Ohm kicker driver, G. Saewert (.pdf) PIP-II Document 78

April 5/2016

1.  Measurements of the RFQ, LLRF system and resonant frequency transients, J. Edelen (.pdf) PIP-II Document 80

2.  PIP-II vacuum system segmentation and requirements, A. Chen, (.pdf) PIP-II Document 79

April 12/2016

1. LB650 design update, T Khabiboulline (.pdf) PIP-II Document 82

2.  BPMs for the PIP-II linac, V. Lebedev, (.pdf) PIP-II Document 81

April 26/2016

    Budget retreat


May 3/2016

1.  Budget retreat summary, P. Derwent  (.pdf) PIP-II Document 29

2. PXIE warm frontend status, A. Shemyakin, (.pdf) PIP-II Document 85

May 10/2016

1. PIP-II joint R&D with Indian institutions, S. Mishra (.pdf) PIP-II Document 86

May 17/2016 (Dungeon)

1. Accomplishment and goals of the PIP-II microphonics program, W. Schappert (.pdf) PIP-II Document 87

June 7/2016

1. Using STC for tests of HB&LB650 dressed cavities, T. Nicol (.pdf) PIP-II Document 89

2. PXIE instrumentation update, V. Scarpine, (.pdf) PIP-II Document 88

June 21/2016

1. Update on PXIE progress, A. Shemyakin (.pdf) PIP-II Document 91

2. Power supplies for PXIE SC solenoids and correctors, B. Hanna, (.pdf) PIP-II Document 90

July 5/2016

1. PXIE low level RF update, B. Chase on behalf of J. Edelen (.pdf) PIP-II Document 93

2. Update on RFQ, J. Steimel (.pdf) PIP-II Document 92

July 12/2016

1. Software for optics measurements, V. L. S. Sista (.pdf) PIP-II Document 94

2. Optics measurements results, A. Saini (.pdf) PIP-II Document 95

July 19/2016

1. Update on couplers for SC resonators, S. Kazakov  (.pdf) PIP-II Document 98

2. LB650 update, T. Nicol  (.pdf) PIP-II Document 97

July 26/2016

1. LEBT operation for RFQ, L. Prost  (.pdf) PIP-II Document 100

2. SSR1 Interface Document, D. Mitchell  (.pdf) PIP-II Document 99

August 2/2016

1. Cryomodule Impact Hammer Testing , J. Holzbauer (.pdf) PIP-II Document 101

2. Update on IIFC meeting, S. Holmes

August 23/2016

1.  Dark current issues in PIP II SRF linac, A. Sukhanov (.pdf) PIP-II Document 103

August 30/2016

1. Short update of the RFQ status, J. Steimel

2. Update on the resonance control system, A. Edelen (.pdf) PIP-II Document 104

September 6/2016

1. Radiation simulations of the MEBT dump, A. Leveling (.pdf) PIP-II Document 105

2. Update on MEBT energy measurements, V.L.S. Sista (.pdf) PIP-II Document 106

September 13/2016

1.Characterization of the MEBT bunching cavity, J. Steimel (.pdf) PIP-II Document 109

2. Limitations and possible improvements of the Booster two-stage collimation, V. Lebedev (.pdf) PIP-II Document 108

September 20/2016

1. Update on SSR1 resonance control, W. Schappert (.pdf) PIP-II Document 111

2. PIP-II related presentations at NA-PAC-2016, (.pdf)

September 27/2016

1. Update on the laser wire development, V. Scarpine (.pdf) PIP-II Document 124

2. Update on the progress with CDR, V. Lebedev

October 18/2016

1. Update on the RFQ coupler, S. Kazakov (.pdf) PIP-II Document 117

2. Summary and impressions from LINAC'16, J. Steimel (.pdf) PIP-II Document 114

November 1/2016

1. Reliability of PIP-II SRF tuners, Y. Pischalnikov (.pdf) PIP-II Document 126

November 8/2016

1. Update on PXIE, A. Shemyakin (.pdf) PIP-II Document 125

2. Beam dynamics in PIP-II linac with 10 mA peak current, A. Sukhanov (.pdf) PIP-II Document 128

November 14-16

  DOE Independent Project Review of PIP-II,  Reference

November 22/2016

1. DoE review comments, S. Holmes (.pdf) PIP-II Document 127

2. Status of cryo distribution system for PXIE,  Renzhuo Wang  (.pdf) PIP-II Document 129

November 29/2016

1. Update on PIP-II status, P. Derwent (.pdf) PIP-II Document 29-v.2

2. Update on RFQ resonance control, J. Edelen (.pdf) PIP-II Document 130

December 6/2016 (Chair A. Shemyakin)

1. Update on the 200 Ohm kicker, G. Sawert and D. Frolov  (.pdf) PIP-II Document 131

December 13/2016

1. PXIE: recent results and future priorities, A. Shemyakin  (.pdf) PIP-II Document 133


January 17/2017

1. Experience with LCLS-II cryomodule, N. Solyak (.pdf) PIP-II Document 153

January 24/2017

1. Next steps with PIP2IT frontend, A. Shemyakin (.pdf) PIP-II Document 149

2. Status of MEBT emittance scanner, V. Scarpine (.pdf) PIP-II Document 154

January 31/2017

1. Status of MPS for PIP2IT and PIP-II, A. Warner (.pdf) PIP-II Document 156

February 14/2017

1. Algorithms  driving the resonance control system, A. Edelen (.pdf) PIP-II Document 162

February 21/2017

1. Microphonics at LCLS-II cryomodule, J. Holzbauer (.pdf) PIP-II Document 166

February 28/2017

1. MEBT emittance scanner calibration, L. Prost (.pdf) PIP-II Document 161

2. Emittance measurements in MEBT-1.3, J.-P. Carneiro (.pdf) PIP-II Document 178

March 7/2017

1. Beam motion in MEBT, S. Sista (.pdf) PIP-II Document 199

2. Analysis of long pulse data in MEBT, A. Shemyakin  (.pdf) PIP-II Document 205

March 14/2017

1. Beam current measurements in the MPS, V. Lebedev (.pdf updated April 19, 2017) original version in PIP-II Document 283

2. PIP2IT HEBT, A. Shemyakin (.pdf) PIP-II Document 277

March 21/2017

1. Radiation issues with PIP2IT HEBT, A. Leveling (.pdf) PIP-II Document 289

2. LCLS-II CMs assembly at Fermilab, T Arkan (.pdf)

April 4/2017

1.  Update on PIP2IT, A. Shemyakin, (.pdf) PIP-II Document 339

2. State of PIP-II Project, P. Derwent, PIP-II Document 29

April 6-7/2017

   Risk workshop, Reference

April 10-12/2017

   P2MAC meeting, Reference

April 18/2017

1. Thermo-acoustical oscillations in cryogenic systems, Joel Fuerst (ANL) (.pdf)

April 25/2017

1. Update on the HWR, A. Lunin (.pdf) PIP-II Document 462

May 2/2017

1. Update on PIP-II vacuum work, A. Chen. (.pdf) PIP-II Document 468

May 9/2017

1. Energy stabilization of the PIP-II linac, J. Edelen (.pdf) PIP-II Document 534

2. Summary of LB650 preliminary design review, T. Nicol (.pdf) PIP-II Document 540

May 30/2017

1. Recent Magnetic Measurements of a MEBT triplet, S. Stoynev (.pdf) PIP-II Document 551

June 13/2017

1. Second order slip factor, V. Lebedev (updated at Aug. 17/2017 .pdf) PIP-II Document 548

2. Update on the MEBT absorber design, C. Baffes, J. Batko  (.pdf) PIP-II Document 593

July 18/2017 (in Dungeon)

1. Update on the PIP2IT, A. Shemyakin (.pdf) PIP-II Document 896

July 25/2017

1. Status of 200 Ohm kicker development, G. Saewert, D. Frolov (.pdf) PIP-II Document 1013

2. Measurements of bunch-by-bunch kicking with 200 Ohm kicker, A. Shemyakin  (.pdf) PIP-II Document 1007

August 1/2017

1. Simulations of the LEBT dipole and measured effect on the beam - J.-P. Carneiro  (.pdf) PIP-II Document 1046

2. CD-1 preparations, S. Holmes, PIP-II Document 1040

August 8/2017

1. Update on MEBT optics measurements and simulations, A. Saini and V.L.S. Sista  (.pdf) PIP-II Document 1052

2. MEBT Chopper Waveform Generator,  Shailesh Khole and Dheeraj Sharma  (.pdf) PIP-II Document 1058

August 15/2017

1. Status of PIP2IT LLRF, J. Edelen (.pdf) PIP-II Document 1070

August 22/2017

1. HWR Cryomodule Update and Future Testing Plans, Z. Conway (.pdf) PIP-II Document 1076

2. Status of SSR1 cryomodule, D. Passarelli (.pdf) PIP-II Document 1088

August 29/2017

1. Ion source stability study, L. Prost  (.pdf) PIP-II Document 1094

September 12/2017

1. BPM noise analysis, V.L.S. Sista  (.pdf) PIP-II Document 1106

2. Beam current measurements with resistive wall monitors, V. Lebedev  (.pdf) PIP-II Document 1112

September 19/2017

1. Suggestion for vacuum protection test, A. Chen (.pdf) PIP-II Document 1118

2. Update on the tuner for LB650 and HB650 cavities, Yu. Pischalnikov (.pdf) PIP-II Document 1145

September 25-26/2017

   Director's review rehersal (referenece)

October 3/2017

1. PIP2IT operation at CDR parameters, A. Shemyakin (5 min.) (.pdf) PIP-II Document 1169

2. Tuners for LB650 and HB650 cavities, Yu. Pischalnikov (.pdf) PIP-II Document 1182

October 10-12/2017

   Directors Review, (reference)

October 24/2017

1. Progress with LB650 design, T. Khabiboulline

2. HOM Spectrum Analysis in the  beta=0.61 650 MHz INFN Cavity for PIP-II, A. Lunin (.pdf) PIP-II Document 1173

October 31/2017

1. Update on 200 Ohm kicker driver performance,  G. Saewert, D. Frolov 

2. Update on beam measurements with the kicker, A. Shemykin



Future presentations:

1. HWR interfaces and commissioning requirements

2. Integration of electronics for the SSR1 cavities 

3. Update on the laser profile monitor, V. Scarpine

4. Tuner and LFD for the LB & HB-650 cavities

5. HWR installation