PIP II Technical meetings

List of previous Project X technical meetings


 Dec. 17/2013

1.  Status of work for the HWR cryomodule, P. Ostroumov.(.pdf) Project X doc 1236

2.  Status of work for the SSR1 cryomodule, T. Nicol (.pdf)


 Jan. 7/2014

1.  Summary of PXIE RFQ progress in LBNL, J. Steimel (.pdf) Project X doc 1241

2.  Update on the PXIE ion source commissioning, B. Hanna  (.pdf) Project X doc 1240

 Jan. 14/2014

1.  PXIE CAD Model: Status, responsibilities, plan forward; C. Baffes (.pdf) Project X doc 1243

2.  Update on the coupler test stand; S. Kazakov (.pdf) Project X doc 1244

Jan. 21/2014

1.  Peculiarities of the emittance growth in LEBT, A. Shemyakin, L. Prost (.pdf) Project X doc 1250

2.  MEBT status update, A. Shemyakin, (.pdf) Project X doc 1251

3.  First discussion on  the HWR Interface Document

Jan. 28/2014

1.  PXIE and CMTF infrastructure Update; J. Leibfritz, (.pdf), Project X doc 1253

Feb. 4/2014

1.   Update on Booster injection from PIP-II linac, D. Johnson (.pdf) Project X doc 1257

2.   Short update on the ion source,  R. Andrews, (.pdf) Project X doc 1258

Feb. 11/2014

1.  PIP-II and PXIE, V. Lebedev, (.pdf) Project X doc 1260

Feb. 18/2014

1.  Booster High Power RF at PIP-II era, J. Reid,  (.pdf) Project X doc 1262

2.  Short update on the ion source and LEBT, L. Prost

Mar. 4/2014

1.  Factors affecting the cave configuration for RFQ  commissioning, Jim Steimel  (.pdf) Project X doc 1268

2.  Estimations of X-ray radiation from RFQ, Tony Leveling  (.pdf) Project X doc 1267

3.  Possible cave configuration for RFQ commissioning, Jerry Leibfritz (.pdf)

Mar. 18/2014

1.  Beam current measurement system for LEBT and early MEBT , V. Scarpine,  (.pdf) Project X doc 1271

2.  Mechanical design of 200 Ohm kicker, A. Chen,  (.pdf) Project X doc 1270

Mar. 25/2014

1.  Team center, Don Mitchell, (.pdf) Project X doc 1273

Apr. 1/2014

1.  Piezo tuners, D. Passarelli,  (.pdf) Project X doc 1275

2.  Preparation for the PIP-II RDR, Valeri Lebedev,  (.pdf) Project X doc 1274         

Apr. 8/2014

1. Status of LEBT, Lionel Prost (.pdf) Project X doc 1278

2. Status of mechanical design of LEBT, Rich Andrews (.pdf) Project X doc 1279

3.  Beam size and emittance measurements in LEBT, Sasha Shemyakin (.pdf) Project X doc 1277

Apr. 15/2014

1.  LFD, microphonics and their suppression for PIP-II cryomodules, W. Schappert (.pdf) Project X doc 1282   


1. PXIE RFQ Status , J. Steimel  (.pdf) Project X doc 1283

2. RFQ bead-pull measurements, T. Khabiboulline  (.pdf) Project X-doc-1284       

Apr. 29/2014

1.  SSR2 beta 0.47 and 0.51 comparison, P. Berrutti (.pdf) Project X-doc-1285

May 6/2014

1.  Project X-doc-1285 , G. Romanov (.pdf) Project X-doc-1288

2.  CMTF Cryogenics, A. Klebaner, (.pdf) Project X-doc-1289

May 13/2014 (in Dungeon)

1.  Update on the LEBT, Lionel Prost (.pdf) Project X-doc-1292

2.  Highlights of the trip to SNS on May 5-6,
     Shemyakin (.pdf) and Steimel (.pdf) Project X-docs-1290 & 1291

May 20/2014 (in Dungeon)

1.  Update on the RF coupler for SSR1 cryomodule, S Kazakov (.pdf)  

2.  Status of the SSR1 prototype focusing lens fabrication and testing, Iouri. Terechkine (.pdf)           

June 3/2014

1. PIP-II collaboration meeting: https://indico.fnal.gov/conferenceDisplay.py?confId=8365

June 10/2014

1.  Progress in “High Q” Program , A. Romanenko, (.pdf), Project X-doc-1297

2.  FY'16 Goals, P. Derwent, (.pdf), Project X-doc-1296 (see additional .xlsx file
     in http://projectx-docdb.fnal.gov:8080/cgi-bin/ShowDocument?docid=1296 )

June 24/2014

1.   Tasks for the PIP-II RDR, V. Lebedev (.pdf) Project X-doc-1298

July 1/2014

1. PXIE Ion Source & LEBT Controls Status, M. Kucera, (.pdf)Project X-doc-1300

2. SSR2 and 650 MHz Cavity and Cryomodule Status PIP-II Meeting , T. Nicol (.pdf) Project X-doc-1299

July 8/2014

1.  LCLS-II Cryomodules Production & PIP-II Prototype Cryomodules, T. Arkan (.pdf)

July 22/2014

1.  Budget Retreat: https://indico.fnal.gov/conferenceDisplay.py?confId=8744    

July 29/2014

1.  PIP-II cavity processing plans in the presence of LCLS-II, A. Rowe (.pdf)

2.  Update on LEBT status, L. Prost (.pdf)

August 5/2014 (in Dungeon)

1.  LEBT emittance measurements, R. D'Arcy (.pdf)

August 12/2014

1. Electrical engineering design and documentation at PIP-II and PXIE, D. Mitchell and J. Steimel (.pdf)

August 26/2014

1.  Results of 325 MHz coupler test, S. Kazakov (.pdf)

2. SSR1 cavity test at 2K in STC, S. Sukhanov and A. Hocker (.pdf)

September 16/2014  (in Dungeon)

1. The cavity EM and mechanical design – issues, new ideas and status, T. Khabiboulline; (.pdf.)

2. BARC's prototypes for MEBT magnet, Mike Tartaglia (.pdf)

September 23/2014

1. Current leads, T. Nicol (.pdf)

2. MEBT absorber Prototype II testing, Curt Baffes (.pdf)

September 30/2014

1. Update on the LEBT, L. Prost (.pdf) Project X-doc-1325

2. First results of frequency stabilization of SSR1 cavity: LFD and microphonics, W. Schappert 

October 7/2014

1. Controls for PXIE and PIP-II , J. Patrick (docdb)

2. Synoptic Displays for PXIE , J. Steimel (.pdf)

October 14/2014

1.  Booster injection in PIP-II era, D. Johnson (.pdf)

October 21/2014

1. Transfer line from the SC linac to Booster, A. Vivoli (.pdf)

2. Painting in the course of the PIP-II injection, V. Lebedev (.pdf)

October 28/2014

1. Status and new ideas for the 650 MHz coupler: windows, coupler plating; S. Kazakov, (.pdf)

2. Change in configuration  of LB650 cryomodule, T. Nicol (.pdf)

November 11/2014

1.  Update on the LEBT, L. Prost (.pdf)

November 18/2014

1. Status of PXIE high power RF, R. Pasquinelli (.pdf) Project X-doc-1341

December 2/2014

1. Painting in the course of PIP-II Booster injection,  V. Lebedev (.pdf) Project X-doc-1343

2. The beam dump for Booster injection, I. Rakhno. (.pdf) Project X-doc-1346

December 9/2014


December 16/2014

1. Water cooling in PXIE and PIP-II, M. Ball & J. Leibfritz, (.pdf)


 Jan. 6/2015

1.  Update on the LEBT, L. Prost (.pdf) Project X-doc-1348

 Jan. 13/2015

1.   RFQ production and installation plans, J. Steimel (.pdf) Project X-doc-1349

 Jan. 20/2015

1.  MEBT status, A. Shemyakin (.pdf) Project X-doc-1350

 Jan. 27/2015

1.  Update on the HWR cryomodule, Z. Conway (.pdf) (.ppt),

 Feb. 3/2015

1.  Update on the SSR1 cryomodule, L. Ristori (.pdf), Project X Document 1351

2.  HTS Vibration Analysis - Sources & Mitigation, J. Holzbauer (.pdf)

 Feb. 10/2015

1. Booster longitudinal impedance, V. Lebedev (.pdf), Project X Document 1352

 Feb. 17/2015

1.  PXIE electrical engineering, J. Steimel (.pdf), Project X Document 1353

 Feb. 24/2015

1. PXIE CAD and Mechanical Systems Update, C. Baffes (.pdf), Project X Document 1354

2. Update on the PIP-II RDR, V. Lebedev (.doc)

March 9 - 11

2015 PIP-II Machine Advisory Committee Meeting

Mar. 24/2015

1.  Update on the LEBT, L. Prost (.pdf) Project X Document 1358

Mar. 31/2015

1. Status of PXIE LLRF system, B. Chaise (.pdf) Project X Document 1359

2. PXIE RFQ control status, D. Bowring  (.pdf) Project X Document 1360

April 7/2015

1.  Status of PXIE instrumentation, V. Scarpine (.pdf) Project X Document 1362

2. PXIE control system status, J. Patric (.pdf) Project X Document 1361

April 14/2015

1.  PXIE LEBT RGA study, A. Chen (.pdf)  Project X Document 1364

2. A view of the project status, P. Derwent (.pdf) Project X Document 1363

April 21/2015

1.  Neutralization at PXIE LEBT, C. Weisner (.pdf) Project X Document 1372

2. Status of mechanical design for LB650 and HB650, T. Khabiboulline (.pdf) Project X Document 1368

April 28/2015

1. Summary slides of PIP-II related reports at IPAC-15, V. Lebedev, A. Shemyakin (.pdf)  Project X Document 1371

May 12/2015

1. MEBT Vacuum Protection of SRF for PXIE and PIP-II, C. Baffes (.pdf) Project X Document 1373

May 19/2015

1. Fermilab PIP-II R&D Plan CY2015-CY2018 , D. Mitchel & S. Mishra, Project X Document 1374

May 26/2015

1. PXIE Operating Modes and Timing Events , J. Steimel (.pdf)  Project X Document 1375

2. Warm magnets for PIP-II 650 MHz section, V. Teotia (updated .pdf) (original .pdf)

June 9/2015

1. Bunch-by-bunch 50 W kicker, D. Sun (30 min) (.pdf) Project X Document 1379

2. Bunch-by-bunch 200 W kicker, G. Saewert (30 min) (.pdf) Project X Document 1380

June 16/2015

PIP-II CD-0 review (Reference)

June 23/2015

1. PIP-II Cryogenics, A. Klebaner (.pdf) PIP-II Document 3

2. LEBT update, L. Prost (.pdf) PIP-II Document 4

June 30/2015

1. PIP-II FY16 Budget retreat

July 7/2015 (Dungeon)

1.  RFQ Manufacturing status, J. Steimel (.pdf) PIP-II Document 6

2.  RFQ field flatness and frequency tuning, P. Berrutti (.pdf) PIP-II Document 7

July 14/2015

1. RFQ installation plan, C. Baffes (.pdf) PIP-II Document 5

2. RFQ and MEBT high power RF, R Pasquinelli (.pdf) PIP-II Document  8

July 21/2015

1. RFQ conditioning plan, J. Steimel  (.pdf) PIP-II Document  9

2. IIFC on PIP-II, S. Mishra (.pdf) (original is in indico

July 28/2015

1. PIP-II RFQ coupler, S. Kazakov  (.pdf) PIP-II Document  10

2. Microphonics suppression for SSR-I cavity, W. Schappert (.pdf) PIP-II Document  15

August 4/2015

1. PXIE RFQ Resonance Controller, Jonathan Edelen and Auralee Edelen (.pdf) PIP-II Document  12

2. PXIE LEBT Commissioning Update , L. Prost (.pdf) PIP-II Document  13

August 11/2015

1. PXIE LLRF, Ed Cullerton (.pdf) PIP-II Document  14

2. Short RFQ update, J. Steimel (Short resume: Everything on schedule. RFQ arrives at the end of this months)

August 18/2015

1. The bunching cavity tests, J. Steimel (.pdf) PIP-II Document  18

2. Hardware for SRF cavities active resonance control R&D tasks, J. Holzbauer (.pdf) PIP-II Document  19

September 1 /2015

1. Update on PXIE instrumentation, V. Scarpine (.pdf) PIP-II Document  21

2. Analysis of LEBT measurements, J.-P. Carneiro (.pdf) PIP-II Document  20

September 8 /2015

1. Proposal for PXIE-10 MeV stage, A. Shemyakin (.pdf) PIP-II Document  22

2. Possible PXIE-10 optics and measurements, A. Saini (.pdf) PIP-II Document  23

September 15,/2015

1. Transition crossing in Booster, V. Lebedev (.pdf) PIP-II Document  25

September 22 /2015

1. Conventional Facilities Status, S. Dixon (.pdf) PIP-II Document 26

2. PIP-II Process Fluid Systems Discussion - Temperature/Flow Requirements, M. Ball (.pdf)

September 29 /2015 (Chair A. Shemyakin)

1. State of the project , P. Derwent (.pdf) PIP-II Document 29

2. Update on RFQ status, J. Steimel (.pdf) PIP-II Document 28

October 13 /2015 (Chair A. Shemyakin)

1. Review of SRF Cavities Resonance Control Meeting (Fermilab, Oct. 8-9/2015), J. Holzbauer (.pdf) PIP-II Document 28
    Presentation by L. Doolittle (.pdf)

October 27 /2015  (Chair A. Shemyakin)

1. Update on RFQ status, J. Steimel (.pdf) PIP-II Document 37

2. LEBT start-up plan, L. Prost  (.pdf) PIP-II Document 36

3. Plan for MEBT measurements in FY16, A. Shemyakin (.pdf) PIP-II Document 35

November 3 /2015

1. Optical design of the PXIE MEBT scraping system, A. Saini  (.pdf) PIP-II Document 39

2. Simulation of MEBT kickers, M. Hassan  (.pdf) PIP-II Document 38

November 9-10, /2015

  PIP-II collaboration meeting


November 24/2015

1. PIP-II CD0 and future steps, S. Holmes, 10 min

2. PXIE organization, P. Derwent, 10 min (.pdf) PIP-II Document 43

3. Changes to PXIE FRS, A. Shemyakin, 15 min  (.pdf) PIP-II Document 41

4. Progress with RFQ installation, J. Steimel, 15 min  (.pdf) PIP-II Document 44

December 15/2015

1. RFQ update, J. Steimel (5 min).

2. SSR1 interface document, D. Mitchell (.pdf) PIP-II Document 47

2. PIP-II cavities RF design plan , T. Khabiboulline (.pdf) PIP-II Document 48


January 12/2016

1. BPMs for high energy part of SC linac, N. Patel (.pdf) PIP-II Document 73
    See also contributions from A. Lunin: 3/12/13 (.pdf) and 2/22/16(.pdf)

2. Initial Characterization of the RFQ and Water System, J. Edelen (.pdf) PIP-II Document 53

3. CDR write-up, V. Lebedev (.pdf) PIP-II Document 52

January 19/2016

1. SSR2 Focusing lens for PIP-II, K. Singh (.pdf) (.ppt) PIP-II Document 55

January 26/2016

1. SSR1 interface document, D. Mitchell/C. Baffes (.pdf) PIP-II Document 56

2. Multipacting with space charge effect in PIP-II 650 MHz cavities, (.pdf) G. Romanov, PIP-II Document 57

February 2/2016

1. FRS for PIP-II MPS, (.pdf) A. Shemyakin, PIP-II Document 58

2. Requirements to PIP-II alignment, (,pdf) V. Lebedev, PIP-II Document 59

February 9/2016

1. Update on the LEBT, L. Prost (.pdf) PIP-II Document 61

2. Update on the RFQ, J Steimel  (.pdf) PIP-II Document 62

3. Update on PXIE instrumentation, V. Scarpine  (.pdf) PIP-II Document 63

February 16/2016

1. PIP II SRF linac: challenges, issues and status , V. Yakovlev  (.pdf) PIP-II Document 65

February 23/2016

1. Differential trajectories measurements at MEBT with a pencil beam, A. Saini (.pdf) PIP-II Document 68

2. Beam transverse steering due to SSR1 manufacturing errors, P. Berrutti  (.pdf) PIP-II Document 67

March 1/2016

1. RFQ commissioning status, J. Steimel (see presentation in PIP-II MAC listed below)

2. Requirements to power supplies for PXIE SC solenoids and dipole correctors, V. Lebedev  (.pdf - updated at Apr. 19, 2016) PIP-II Document 64

March 15/2016


March 22/2016

1.  PIP-II MAC, S. Holmes (.pdf)

2.  Focusing solenoids for HINS linac front end and PXIE test stand: alignment studies, Iouri. Terechkine (.pdf) PIP-II Document 76

March 29/2016

1. Update on PXIE, A. Shemyakin (.pdf) PIP-II Document 77

2. Update on progress with 200 Ohm kicker driver, G. Saewert (.pdf) PIP-II Document 78

April 5/2016

1.  Measurements of the RFQ, LLRF system and resonant frequency transients, J. Edelen (.pdf) PIP-II Document 80

2.  PIP-II vacuum system segmentation and requirements, A. Chen, (.pdf) PIP-II Document 79

April 12/2016

1. LB650 design update, T Khabiboulline (.pdf) PIP-II Document 82

2.  BPMs for the PIP-II linac, V. Lebedev, (.pdf) PIP-II Document 81

April 26/2016

1. Budget retreat


May 3/2016

1.  Budget retreat summary, P. Derwent  (.pdf) PIP-II Document 29

2. PXIE warm frontend status, A. Shemyakin, (.pdf) PIP-II Document 85

May 10/2016

1. PIP-II joint R&D with Indian institutions, S. Mishra (.pdf) PIP-II Document 86

May 17/2016 (Dungeon)

1. Accomplishment and goals of the PIP-II microphonics program, W. Schappert (.pdf) PIP-II Document 87

June 7/2016

1. Using STC for tests of HB&LB650 dressed cavities, T. Nicol (.pdf) PIP-II Document 89

2. PXIE instrumentation update, V. Scarpine, (.pdf) PIP-II Document 88

June 21/2016

1. Update on PXIE progress, A. Shemyakin (.pdf) PIP-II Document 91

2. Power supplies for PXIE SC solenoids and correctors, B. Hanna, (.pdf) PIP-II Document 90

July 5/2016

1. PXIE low level RF update, B. Chase on behalf of J. Edelen (.pdf) PIP-II Document 93

2. Update on RFQ, J. Steimel (.pdf) PIP-II Document 92

July 12/2016

1. Software for optics measurements, V. L. S. Sista (.pdf) PIP-II Document 94

2. Optics measurements results, A. Saini (.pdf) PIP-II Document 95

July 19/2016

1. Update on couplers for SC resonators, S. Kazakov  (.pdf) PIP-II Document 98

2. LB650 update, T. Nicol  (.pdf) PIP-II Document 97

July 26/2016

1. LEBT operation for RFQ, L. Prost  (.pdf) PIP-II Document 100

2. SSR1 Interface Document, D. Mitchell  (.pdf) PIP-II Document 99

August 2/2016

1. Cryomodule Impact Hammer Testing , J. Holzbauer (.pdf) PIP-II Document 101

2. Update on IIFC meeting, S. Holmes

August 23/2016

1.  Dark current issues in PIP II SRF linac, A. Sukhanov (.pdf) PIP-II Document 103

August 30/2016

1. Short update of the RFQ status, J. Steimel

2. Update on the resonance control system, A. Edelen (.pdf) PIP-II Document 104

September 6/2016

1. Radiation simulations of the MEBT dump, A. Leveling (.pdf) PIP-II Document 105

2. Update on MEBT energy measurements, V.L.S. Sista (.pdf) PIP-II Document 106

September 13/2016

1.Characterization of the MEBT bunching cavity, J. Steimel (.pdf) PIP-II Document 109

2. Limitations and possible improvements of the Booster two-stage collimation, V. Lebedev (.pdf) PIP-II Document 108

September 20/2016

1. Update on SSR1 resonance control, W. Schappert (.pdf) PIP-II Document 111

2. PIP-II related presentations at NA-PAC-2016, (.pdf)

September 27/2016

1. Update on the laser wire development, V. Scarpine (.pdf) PIP-II Document 124

2. Update on the progress with CDR, V. Lebedev

October 18/2016

1. Update on the RFQ coupler, S. Kazakov (.pdf) PIP-II Document 117

2. Summary and impressions from LINAC'16, J. Steimel (.pdf) PIP-II Document 114

November 1/2016

1. Reliability of PIP-II SRF tuners, Y. Pischalnikov (.pdf) PIP-II Document 126

November 8/2016

1. Update on PXIE, A. Shemyakin (.pdf) PIP-II Document 125

2. Beam dynamics in PIP-II linac with 10 mA peak current, A. Sukhanov (.pdf) PIP-II Document 128

November 14-16

  DOE Independent Project Review of PIP-II,  Reference

November 22/2016

1. DoE review comments, S. Holmes (.pdf) PIP-II Document 127

2. Status of cryo distribution system for PXIE,  Renzhuo Wang  (.pdf) PIP-II Document 129

November 29/2016

1. Update on PIP-II status, P. Derwent (.pdf) PIP-II Document 29-v.2

2. Update on RFQ resonance control, J. Edelen (.pdf) PIP-II Document 130

December 6/2016 (Chair A. Shemyakin)

1. Update on the 200 Ohm kicker, G. Sawert and D. Frolov  (.pdf) PIP-II Document 131

December 13/2016

1. PXIE: recent results and future priorities, A. Shemyakin  (.pdf) PIP-II Document 133


January 17/2017

1. Experience with LCLS-II cryomodule, N. Solyak (.pdf) PIP-II Document 153

January 24/2017

1. Next steps with PIP2IT frontend, A. Shemyakin (.pdf) PIP-II Document 149

2. Status of MEBT emittance scanner, V. Scarpine (.pdf) PIP-II Document 154

January 31/2017

1. Status of MPS for PIP2IT and PIP-II, A. Warner (.pdf) PIP-II Document 156

February 14/2017

1. Algorithms  driving the resonance control system, A. Edelen (.pdf) PIP-II Document 162

February 21/2017

1. Microphonics at LCLS-II cryomodule, J. Holzbauer (.pdf) PIP-II Document 166

February 28/2017

1. MEBT emittance scanner calibration, L. Prost (.pdf) PIP-II Document 161

2. Emittance measurements in MEBT-1.3, J.-P. Carneiro (.pdf) PIP-II Document 178

March 7/2017

1. Beam motion in MEBT, S. Sista (.pdf) PIP-II Document 199

2. Analysis of long pulse data in MEBT, A. Shemyakin  (.pdf) PIP-II Document 205

March 14/2017

1. Beam current measurements in the MPS, V. Lebedev (.pdf updated April 19, 2017) original version in PIP-II Document 283

2. PIP2IT HEBT, A. Shemyakin (.pdf) PIP-II Document 277

March 21/2017

1. Radiation issues with PIP2IT HEBT, A. Leveling (.pdf) PIP-II Document 289

2. LCLS-II CMs assembly at Fermilab, T Arkan (.pdf)

April 4/2017

1.  Update on PIP2IT, A. Shemyakin, (.pdf) PIP-II Document 339

2. State of PIP-II Project, P. Derwent, PIP-II Document 29

April 6-7/2017

Risk workshop, Reference

April 10-12/2017

P2MAC meeting, Reference

April 18/2017

1. Thermo-acoustical oscillations in cryogenic systems, Joel Fuerst (ANL) (.pdf)

April 25/2017

1. Update on the HWR, A. Lunin (.pdf) PIP-II Document 462

May 2/2017

1. Update on PIP-II vacuum work, A. Chen. (.pdf) PIP-II Document 468

May 9/2017

1. Energy stabilization of the PIP-II linac, J. Edelen (.pdf) PIP-II Document 534

2. Summary of LB650 preliminary design review, T. Nicol (.pdf) PIP-II Document 540

May 30/2017

1. Recent Magnetic Measurements of a MEBT triplet, S. Stoynev (.pdf) PIP-II Document 551

June 13/2017

1. Second order slip factor, V. Lebedev (.pdf) PIP-II Document 548

2. Update on the MEBT absorber design, C. Baffes, J. Batko

June 27/2017


July 11/2017


July 18/2017 (in Dungeon)


July 25/2017


August 1/2017




Future presentations:

1. HWR interfaces and commissioning requirements

2. Integration of electronics for the SSR1 cavities 

3. Update on the laser profile monitor, V. Scarpine

4. HWR tests to be carried in ANL before cryomodule delivery, Z. Conway