PIP-II Conceptual Design Report

FRSs of cavities and cryomodules for review

SSR1cav, SSR1crm, SSR2cav, SSR2crm, LBcav, LBcrm, HBcav, HBcrm

Obsolite versions of the FRRSs:SSR1cav, SSR1crm, SSR2cav, SSR2crm, LBcav, LBcrm, HBcav, HBcrm

Supporting Documentation



 Table of Contents and Status

Legend: Capter text is incirporated into CDR text and Proof readed, Chapter written


1.1. Design Criteria and Considerations

1.2. Options Considered

1.3. Overview of PIP-II


2.1. 800 MeV Linac

2.1.1. Technical Requirements (Minor editions, Lebedev)

2.1.2. Warm Frontend (Minor editions, Prost, Shemykin)  (LEBT.doc) (MEBT.doc)

2.1.3. SC Linac - Superconducting Linac (Minor editions, Lebedev)

2.1.4. Beam Dynamics in the SC Linac (Add plot with B2dL for solenoids, add period layouts used in

simulations, add discussion of operation with failed cavities and cryomodules, Saini) (.doc)

2.1.5 Fault scenarious in SC linac, (A. Saini, new)

2.2. Linac-to-Booster Beam Transport

2.2.1. Particle Loss and Limitations on Beam Transport Parameters (Minor editions, Lebedev)

2.2.2. Linac-to-Booster Transfer Line (Update text to the latest design, describe beam switching in

sufficient details, discuss compatibility with beam to Muon Campus, A. Vivoli) (.doc)

2.2.3. Beam Based Linac Energy Stabilization (Comparatively minor editions, Lebedev)

2.3. Booster Modifications

2.3.1. Technical Requirements and Scope (OK)

2.3.2. Booster injection (OK) Present Booster Injection (OK) Conceptual Design of Booster Injection at 800 MeV (Significant effort to come to the final

proposal, New text, D. Johnson) Phase Space Painting (add details of corrector painting at the line end, V. Lebedev)

2.3.3. Beam Acceleration in the Booster (Minor editions, Lebedev)

CDR write-up, Valeri Lebedev, January 12, 2016 4

2.3.4. Booster Longitudinal Impedance (Minor editions, Lebedev)

2.3.5. Transition Crossing (Considerable work before final text can be written, Lebedev)

2.3.6. Modifications to the Magnet System Required for 20 Hz Operation (Read and edit if required,


2.3.7. Beam Instabilities (Significant update, Burov)

2.4. Recycler and Main Injector Modifications (.doc)

2.4.1. Technical Requirements and Scope (Read and edit if required, Kourbanis)

2.4.2. Slip-stacking in Recycler (Read and edit if required, Kourbanis)

2.4.3. Acceleration in the MI (Read and edit if required, Kourbanis)

2.4.4. MI transition Crossing (Read and edit if required, Kourbanis)

2.4.5. Beam Stability in the Recycler and MI (Significant update, Burov)

2.4.6. Electron Cloud Mitigation (Update to the present experience, Kourbanis or his assignee)


3.1. SC Linac

3.1.1. Warm Frontend Ion Source, (OK) LEBT - Low Energy Beam Transport (Update to the present status, Prost) RFQ - Radio-Frequency Quadrupole Accelerator (Add RF power and frequency stabilization, Steimel) (doc) MEBT - Medium Energy Beam Transport (Update to the present status, Shemyakin)

3.1.2. Superconducting Accelerating Structures Half-Way Resonator (HWR) Cryomodule (Update to the present status, Add solenoid parameters in

accordance with corresponding FRS, Ostroumov)  (.doc) Single Spoke Resonator I (SSR1) Cavities and Cryomodules (Update to the present status, add

resonance control, Ristori) (.doc) Single Spoke Resonator II (SSR2) Cavities and Cryomodules (Bring to the same level of

details as for the SSR1, Passareli) (.doc) Medium-beta Section (LB650 and HB650) Cryomodules (Bring to the same level of details as for

the SSR1, Yakovlev) (.doc) The 325 MHz and 650 MHz Main Couplers (No changes, Kazakov) Measures Aimed at Reduction of RF Loss in Walls of SC Cavities (Update to the present status,


3.1.3. RF Power and Low Level RF (No Changes) RF Power (Update to the present status. Make consistent with FRSs, Pasquinelli) Active suppression of Microphonics and Lorentz Force Detuning (Update to the present status,

Schappert) Low Level RF (Update to the present status, Chase)  (.doc)

3.1.4. Vacuum System, A. Chen  (.doc)   Alignment, Optics and Orbit corrections, V. Lebedev

3.2. Booster

3.2.1. Radiation Shielding of the Booster Injection Absorber (Update to the present status, Rakhno) (.doc)

3.3. Main Injector and Recycler

3.3.1. Hardware for Main Injector Transition Crossing (Update to the present experience, Kourbanis or

his assignee)

3.3.2. RF System Modifications (Update to the present experience, Kourbanis or his assignee)

3.4. Cryogenics (Major update.  Klebaner) (.doc)

3.5. Instrumentation (Major upgrade, it is time to add more specific, BPM types, sketches,

sensitivities. Scarpine) (.doc)

3.6. Controls (Update to the present status, Patrick)  (.doc)

3.7. Radiation Safety and Radiation Shielding Design (OK)

3.8. Machine Protection System (Update to the present status, Make consistent with FRS, A. Warner)

4. SITING AND CONVENTIONAL FACILITIES (Major upgrade, bring to the present status, S. Dixon) (.doc, Figure 1, Figure 2, Vibrational Measurements), Fluids - (.doc), Power requirements (J. Steimel)



I. Beam transport to the upgrade of m-to-e experiment, A.Vivoli (.doc)


  1. S. Holmes, Intro (.doc)
  2. L. Prost, LEBT (.doc) (see explanations in the letter)
  3. S. Shemykin  (MEBT.doc)
  4. A. Saini (.doc)
  5. A. Vivolli (.doc)
  6. I. Kourbanis (.doc)
  7. A. Burov (.doc)(.pdf)
  8. J. Steimel, RFQ, (doc)
  9. P. Ostroumov, HWR (.doc)
  10. D. Passarelli (.doc) (.doc)
  11. T. Nicol (.doc)
  12. R. Pasquinelli (no changes)
  13. S. Kazakov (no changes)
  14. B. Chaise & J. Edelen (.doc)
  15. V. Scarpine (.doc)
  16. J. Patrick (.doc)
  17. A. Chen (.doc)
  18. I. Rakhno (.doc)
  19. A. Chakravarty (A. Klebaner) (.doc)
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  21. M. Ball,  (.doc)
  22. A. Vivoli (.doc)