PXIE optics

OptiM files

The global PXIE coordinate system is referred to the PXIE enclosure. Its drawing can be found here.  The sizes of the enclosure are: (x,y,z) = (4.572, 3.2004, 41.6052) m or (180, 126, 1638) inch. The coordinate frame is the right handed. Its origin is at the end of RFQ (downstream end of RFQ vains+2 cm). So that it is located at 1.30 m above the floor,  10.6747 m (420.3")downstream of upstream wall and 2.7432 m from the right hand side wall. Axis Z is directed along accelerator. Axis Y is directed up. Axis X is directed left to the beam direction. Coordinates of elements presented below are preliminary and can be changed with machine design advancing. Presently we consider that the location of RFQ is frozen so that its end is located at (x,y,z)=(0, 0,  0).

The above coordinate system is used in Optics calculations presented below. Normally all technical drawings use the coordinate system where x is directed to the right of beam direction, y is  along the beam and z is directed up.

  1. LEBT OptiM file (LEBT_Optics.opt)) - from ion source exit to the RFQ end (last updated at Oct 18, 2012). The RFQ is presented as a solenoid with 4.49 m length to show its coordinates only. To represent flange-to-flange RFQ length, two  2 cm thick flanges were added. It increased RFQ length from 4.45 to 4.49 m.

  2. PXIE OptiM: PXIE_Sep2015.opt - file - from the RFQ to the beam dump (last updated at Oct.5, 2015) (previous versions: . PXIE8_2.opt - Oct.2012,  PXIE8_1.opt - Apr. 10, 2012;  PXIE6.opt  - Jan. 8, 2012, PXIE4.opt - Oct. 20, 2011; PXIE5.opt  - Dec.24,2011, PXIE_8_5.opt  - Oct. 22,2014,).

  3. Auxiliary files (the following files were generated by OptiM)
    Lattice.dat  presents sequence and parameters of elements for the entire accelerator.
    Survey.dat  presents location of element ends.

  4. Files with particles at the RFQ exit can be found here .zip

OptiM software can be installed from here

Beam Envelopes



3s beam envelopes through MEBT (top) and from RFQ end to the beam dump (bottom); rms norm. emittance 0.25 mm mrad;
 thick green lines show the beam envelope for beam extracted to the MEBT beam dump


Particle loss along the machine calculated without space charge taken into account for particle distribution coming out of RFQ (J. Staples, Nov. 2011)

Bunch end phases [deg] for 1 sigma initial ellipse  (rms norm. emittance 0.25 mm mrad or 0.782 eV ms)

Phases of 1s and 4s bunch ends relative to the on-crest acceleration of corresponding cavity [deg of corresponding cavity]