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Project X/PXIE Ion Source: Functional Requirements Specifications


An ion source satisfying the requirements specified in the FRS has been identified, purchased, tested and installed at Lawrence Berkeley National Lab. The ion source was bought from D-Pace Inc. and is shown below. It is a TRIUMF Type 15 mA H- Volume-Cusp Ion Source. It is attached to a custom vacuum box which is the first pumping station immediately upstream of the LEBT.



D-Pace Ion Source



Main Specifications

-         H- beam DC

-         Max current output: 10 mA

-         Beam kinetic energy: 30 kV

-         Lifetime > 300 hrs


Ion source vacuum chamber

The ion source assembly includes a large vacuum chamber which serves as the primary pumping station. However, given the ion beam characteristics size, divergence and emittance generated by the source combined with the optics design and physical requirements/limitations, it was found to be too long i.e. the distance between the ion source ground electrode and the first focusing solenoid was too large. Consequently, a new vacuum chamber is being designed. In the new design, the vacuum chamber dimensions are such that emittance scanners can be installed in order to be able to measure the beam characteristics of the ion source online.




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